#FANDECHENIN, but what is it? Who is behind? Is it an association? Who participates ?

We explain everything here, taking a little step back in time:

#FANDECHENIN who is it?

In 2016, the 16 Chenin d’Anjou Saumur AOCs came together for the first time. The question is: how can we work together with all our differences? How can we “play collectively” with large volumes, confidential volumes, bubbles, dry wines, sweet wines, €4 wines and €40 wines? Our only link: LE CHENIN!

So we ignored our differences and said “let’s work together around our beloved grape variety!” »

In 2018 we worked with a wine marketing consultant @jérémy arnaud. And from there was born #FANDECHENIN (we'll detail what it is in the next paragraph) As we don't like to work alone, we went to see our colleagues from other chenin de la Loire AOCs (in Touraine) and we offered to “get in the boat” with us and work together around the chenin.

Today #FANDECHENIN is the IGP and the 27 AOC of chenin from the Loire Valley. It is therefore all the producers and traders of the Loire Valley who produce IGPs and AOCs made from chenin!





#FANDECHENIN what is it?

The principle is simple: fan-club fans of chenin. Because we know that you; who loves to discover, taste and appreciate chenin wines; you claim it loud and clear! you are true fans, pro ambassadors of chenin! So we wanted to create a fan club. The #FANDECHENIN.

You can follow us on social networks and also on our website!

And above all we reference #CHENINFANZONE! These are the places where you can buy, eat and discover chenins. Wine bars, wine merchants, restaurants, shops, but also of course wineries. And the more it goes, the more you are! Have you seen this beautiful card? https://www.fandechenin.com/en/listings

We offer animations in the domains, but also at our retailers so that collectively we always carry higher and stronger the wines of chenin!

So if you're not a fan yet, join us!

- On our social networks : https://www.instagram.com/fandechenin/?hl=fr

- In the community #CHENINFANZONE: https://fandechenin.com/en/become-fan-de-chenin