Dégustation de Saumur Blanc

Saumur Blanc

Conducive soil and climate

The appellation area covers 27 towns in Maine et Loire, 9 in Vienne and 2 in Deux-Sevres.  The vineyard is scatted throughout small islands on top of Tuffeau hillocks  and eocenes outcrops.

The climate is mostly tempered and oceanic but the Saumurois hills slow down the west winds; therefore the farthest parcels from the Loire river suffer from a continental climate influence


Saumur Blanc wines

There are 2 types of Saumur white wine:  spring cuvee and wines of guard. The spring  are pale yellow with green reflects and delicate floral perfum. Wines of guard are darker with mineral, compoted white fruits flavours.


Exceptional wine and food pairings

We recommend Saumur chilled Saumur white wine with fish, white meat and pressed cheese.



Annual production: 19 000 hl for 390 ha which make around 2.5 millions bottles a year

Annual yield : 50 hL/ ha

200 producers